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Donald Trump Has Threatened to pull out of Puerto Rico while the death toll climbs. Make sure FEMA’s Office of Equal Rights doesn’t ignore this injustice.  Call them Now!

Plan Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is experiencing a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. After recently being bankrupted by a $73 billion debt imposed by Wall St.— the island was hit by the worst storm it has ever experienced.

We’ve seen the terrifying images and have heard from some of our families but People are still struggling to find clean water. Food is scarce, and the wait for Fuel can last up to 6 hours. There is no doubt that Puerto Rico will need our support and supplies if it’s going to survive.

But, if Puerto Rico is going to truly rebuild, we need to stand together and take bold action. There are three things haunting Puerto Rico’s future and we can stop them. Right here. Right now.

Stay tuned for more information and actions you can take.




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